Welcome to the homepage of the UBG

We are a consultancy specialising in healthcare.

We consider the changes that are taking place in healthcare to be both an opportunity and a challenge for our customers. On the one hand, the healthcare market is an attractive growth market. Demographic development, continuous medical advances and a growing health awareness are allowing new products, new services and new healthcare systems to come into being, and the demand for these services is growing strongly. On the other hand, the continuous changes to the environment mean that healthcare facilities are being forced to adapt to the constantly changing framework conditions.

These complex processes are sometimes too demanding to face alone, and professional help is required. We advise outpatient services, day care and residential nursing facilities that wish to adjust in line with these changes, and allow their companies to successfully adapt.

Our consulting approach offers new ways forward, and creates the basis for new business areas or for a new quality management system. Our aim is to place your company on a secure footing. In our first consultation, we analyse your company in its current state and present you with opportunities for development and improvement. During the process consulting, we work together with you to create an implementation schedule, which is customised to the specific situation facing your establishment.

We advise hospitals, practice clinics and general practitioners in the field of healthcare about how they can cut costs and optimise the support services that they offer to their customers. We offer advice about organisation and evaluate current processes.